Hot Love Stories at School

I was a student at one private high school in Semarang. My name is Alex. On one Sunday, I was in school for intensive training soccer. I was a striker at the core of my school. Aside from being a football player, I also included a core team basketball and volleyball. When was the break, I idly look for girls volleyball practice. At that time I saw a sweet girl. His name is Fran. I really feel his body. But that I took as the impossible. I put those thoughts away. "Prittt ..." Break time is over. I went back scrimmage. Fortunately, the portion of practice that day was not much, so I can go home early. On the way to the car that I brought, I again saw the pretty girl. I approached her and asked her to speak. I did not come home. I decided to accompany Fani waiting for a friend who still practice. Fani had come home with her friend.
During the chat with her, I kept staring at his face and body. His body was tall enough for her age. Approximately 170 cm. Match with a 183 cm tall. Fani was only 16 years old, while I was 17 years. His hair was long, black, shiny. Her skin was white, soft, although he liked sports. His chest is big enough. Approximately 34A. But I like to see her body. Moreover, his shirt wet with sweat. Fani very nice to be a friend to chat. He did not feel a bit uncomfortable, although only two of chatting with me in the hallway gallery.

I'm very aroused when alone with her. When I could not stand it anymore, I held her hand and pulled her into a room that turned out to be room UKS daughter. I looked at him. Fani tried to neutralize the atmosphere, "Lex, What the hell is ya? I ..." Fani has not finished talking, my mouth has been stuck in his mouth. Fani seems only just resigned. My tongue began to enter her mouth. My hands started groping her breast. After about 5 minutes, it seems Fani start aroused. Nipples tightened. He started kissing me back. I got trouble breathing. My hands began to undress volinya. Her hands were undressing basketball. Abide in me that just pants. Fani was only wearing bra and panties. Fani looked surprised, seeing a large trunk manhood. Size of manhood rods approximately 18 cm by 2.5 cm diameter. I was very excited to see Fani body shape that was very sexy. More sexy than any girl I've ever seen.

See Fani who also have started aroused, I asked him to hold a large manhood stem and tense and squeeze-squeezed. When he opened my underwear, it was seen clearly stems erect manhood already full. Apparently he had never seen that much before stem virility. When Fran was felt manhood, I tried to remove the bra and panties. After I got rid of underwear, I lifted his body onto the bed and I immediately override Fani body. And I started licking her nipples with the wild. To the extent Fani really squirm conveniences. My hands started to roam everywhere. After a while, my hands started feeling her pubic lips and began to play her clit. Fani seem really excited and can not do nothing but sigh and squirm on the table.

I played long enough cock. My lips licking the bottom of his cock with great passion, while my hand was still playing her clit. A bit long I do it. I want Fani really enjoy. Then I felt my body stretch and Fran felt a warm liquid flowing from vagina cock. I do not hesitate to lick the liquid that comes out little by little with great passion. I know Fani really enjoyed my game. It releases a lot of fluids and smells very exciting. Fani's face is very weak and flushed. Her body was sweating and his hair slightly disheveled, but I like to see sights like that.

I asked, "nice Fan?"
"Lex really nice. I've never felt the feeling senikmat now .." Fani said.
I said, "You're satisfied it, now you know what to do ..?"
Then Fran out of bed and I was standing. Fani start squatting, holding the trunk erect manhood who then put it in his mouth a little. Stem manhood seemed to meet the entire mouth. When Fran started to enter the stem manhood into her mouth, I felt incredible pleasure. I felt her tongue begin to play the head of manhood. I started not stand, let alone when Fani sucking rod manhood. I've never felt this senikmat suction from a girl. I like not to control the rate of sperm in the trunk manhood. Finally, I do not take it anymore. I pulled out my sperm in the mouth the sweetness of it. Fani looked surprised. But he finally swallowed it.

I rested for a while. Then I asked Fran, "Fan .. I can not, enter my penis into your vagina?" Fani looked thoughtful for a moment. But in a horny condition like that, his mind would rather chaotic. Fani finally nodded weakly. Slowly, I lay in bed and put his legs on my shoulder. I started touching my cock head to his lips senggamanya burrow. Then I slowly insert the stem into the hole senggamanya manhood. Ouch .. The difficulty stems senggamanya manhood into the hole. Although burrow senggamanya already wet, but burrow senggamanya still very tight. When the rod slowly entered manhood, Fani began moaning in pain. I tried to calm him down. I also felt the pain, because the stem manhood as senggamanya pressured by a narrow canal.

Eventually I managed to put all the rods into the hole coitus manhood. I can feel the base of the burrow senggamanya. "Crestt creest .. .." feels there is a tear in a hole coitus and a little blood out. I was surprised, and said, "Fan, you're still a girl huh?" I saw Fani can only smile to hold the pain in his cock. Slowly move the rod-kugerak groin. Fani only to moan and groan slowly. But after a while Fani small sigh and moan conveniences. I began to advance the backing rod manhood. It feels very good, bar manhood like smoked-suction. Then the tempo of the game I cepatkan. I was beginning to show tehnikku. I advance the backing rod and occasionally menggoyangnya manhood to the left and right. My hands did not forget to grope her breasts. Pink nipples and kucubit kupuntir. Fani increasingly squirming conveniences.

The more kupercepat tempo of the game, the harder moans Fani. Her voice was very pleasant to hear. His voice is more exciting to me. If this is not in the room UKS daughter, perhaps I've told him groan so hard. To reduce noise rintihannya, I suck mouth. I'm getting bored in this position, I tried doggy style. I remove the stem from the burrow senggamanya manhood, then I took the doggy position. I re-insert stem senggamanya manhood in a rut. This time, I played in a faster tempo. Slowly kurapatkan manhood back legs so that the trunk was sucked-sucking again. I saw Fran is about to reach orgasm. Her body began to convulse. Finally burrow Fani discharge coitus pleasure, and accompanied with a loud groan. I see Fran's face was very tired. Sweat was soaking his body.

Fani is the oldest girl is able to play with me. Understandably, she's sporty (core team member of the volleyball). Fani very good stamina. I feel sorry for him. I also speed up the tempo and when I felt my sperm will come out, I pulled the stem manhood and I insert the rod into the mouth Fani manhood. Fani sucked it for a while, then quit my sperm into her tiny mouth. It seems that sperm had been absorbed by it. Then we took a break. I looked at him and said, "How is Fan?"
"Lex really nice. When, when will ya .." Fani said happily. I give one kiss to the mouth Fani.

Suddenly UKS door opened and in walked a girl. It turns out that entrance is Christina, one girl crush. Me and Fran immediately take our clothes and wear them.
Christina immediately said, "No need to rush. I've seen you guys from last game really .."
"The game you are really hot," added Christina.
Hearing those words, I'm so ashamed. Fani's face was flushed when I glanced at. After I get dressed and Fani, Christina approached us and said, "Lex, you deh a great game. I also want to dong. I think the Fani also want to add tuh!"
"Tell you what. Tomorrow you all to my house at 10 am, OK? My house is not empty. Ortuku again in Singapore."
All agreed. So tomorrow I have to come to the house of Christina. Fran I went and drove home. I felt bad, because Fran had been left by his friend. Apparently I and Fani play too long, about 1 hour.

The next day at 10 I got home Christina. Her house is very big. Christina Room located at the tip of his home. The room was as isolated from the other room. When I entered his room, there is Christina and Fani are chatting. Christina looks sexy with pink tank top and her jeans shorts. I could clearly see her black bra. Fani while wearing a T-shirt and light blue mini skirt with a beige bra. Oh yes, the new Christina 16 years old with 168 cm tall. Her breasts were smaller (32B) compared Fani, but the most beautiful face. Her form was very sexy. It may even just Fani who can match it.

When I entered her room, I was immediately greeted with the sweet. I also participate in their conversation. Christina began to turn his BF. We all witnessed the BF. I saw them one by one began to become aroused. Fani's hand had begun groping her panties in mini skirt. Christina has not been too showed expression. Christina and I began to approach her on the bed. I'm on top of her and kissed her while my hands to fondle her breasts. Christina tried to wriggle shortly. I took off all his clothes tank top. I pulled her breasts from her bra and began licking her breasts wildly. Although her breasts are not large, but the breasts are very enjoyable to be felt. Christina's expression began to change. Her face became very stimulating. I kissed her mouth to suck her tongue. Christina started to respond cumbuanku. He's kissing me back. Long enough for me to do French kiss with him. He really enjoyed it.

Then I started directing kissing his chest. I kiss his chest with pleasure while I took off her bra. I bit her nipples slowly. When I'm mencupang his chest, suddenly Fani off my jeans and my underwear. I stopped kissing me for a moment to help Fani off my clothes. Now we were all naked. I continue seranganku against Christina. Meanwhile, Fran began to take hold and feel the rod manhood. Then insert the stem Fani manhood into his mouth, although only half that can be entered. ML can taste delicious with 2 beautiful girls at once.

Then I tried to feel the pleasure of pubic Christina. My mouth began to touch the genitals are covered with thin hair. My tongue trying to find klistorisnya. Christina started out a moan that made me more passionate. Small Klistoris Chistina I smoke and I bit the wild. Before long, I feel the hole coitus Christina spewing typical liquids. Kulahap all the liquid. I really enjoyed it. Then I told Christina was in the conventional position. Kusentuhkan head on the lip canal senggamanya manhood.

Meanwhile, Fani put his cock just above the mouth of Christina. I tried to insert his head into the burrow manhood Christina intercourse, but can not. Apparently stem manhood is too large to penetrate cock. Christina repeatedly screamed in pain. "I try a little harder, huh?" I asked Christina. Christina had responded positively. Kunaikkan smooth legs to my shoulder and I held her thighs. I pulled her thighs a bit hard to enter manhood rods. Christina screamed and struggled, but the trunk still not been able to enter manhood. I told Fani suck rod manhood for a moment, then again I prepared earlier position. This time kutusukkan manhood rods with very loud. Christina was screaming in pain. I tried to calm him down. When I was menghujamkan stem senggamaku manhood into the hole, I felt her hymen tear manhood rods. Christina looked about to cry. Kudiamkan few moments.

Then when Christina's face was not in pain, I put it all stems manhood. Stem manhood can not be pushed all the way, although it has been touched base senggamanya burrow. His cock is very narrow. Stem manhood seemed to suck-suck. I turned round rod in his cock manhood. Christina continued to sigh conveniences. Moments later, his face flushed and he seemed to be orgasms. I changed my attack with a stab. Christina continued to sigh, but I do not care about. I kept my speed up stitches. Soon, Christina says, "I'm going out .." Cleansed, "Wait, me too!" I hasten stem the rate of manhood, until finally his body stiffened. Stem manhood was clamped. I feel the burrow senggamanya secrete pleasure. I also want to get out. I asked him, "Want to outside or inside?" He replied, "Outside aja .." I pull the stem manhood and then I took out my sperm fluid on his chest. When I pull out the stem manhood, I noticed there was blood coming out of the hole coitus Christina. I looked at Christina's face is still exhausted. I kissed her mouth and said, "your game really great!" Christina had responded, "I'll be added again yes." Then he got up and walked toward the bathroom. Meanwhile, Fani approached me and said, "Now, you are mine. Satisfy me until I could not get up again!" Fani holding the rod and tried to make stem manhood manhood to rise again. He continued to suck the stem manhood. Somewhat new long rod manhood to rise, because when I'm with Christina, I feel incredible pleasure. Never had I felt the incredible pleasure of a girl's vagina intercourse.

After manhood rose stems, I euthanize her, then kissed her mouth. After that, slowly kuarahkan my mouth down to his chest. Kucupang chest until Fani moan of pleasure. I game her nipples harden with my tongue. Then I buried my head between her legs smooth thighs. I tried to find klistorisnya with my tongue. I bit soft moan klistorisnya until Fani conveniences. I kept playing on his cock until finally there is a warm liquid gushed from his cock. I smoke out all the liquid. Then, I sat on the bed and told Fani sat on the trunk manhood, back to me. Slowly I put the stem into the hole coitus manhood Fani. I do not have many difficulties, because the burrows intercourse Fani already wet. But Fani still screaming, because the trunk is too large manhood. Kugerakkan stem manhood in the pubic Fani. I played in the pubic shaft Fani manhood. Shortly thereafter, Fani half screamed, "I'm almost out!" I feel my body and I felt his cock stiffen Fani discharge pleasures.

A bit long I was in that position, then kuganti with doggy style. Stem-puncture kutusuk manhood to his cock. Fani looks like this position. My hands wildly groping her breasts. Christina was already out of the shower. By wearing a kimono, he approached us and sat watching my game. Can kiss fragrance soap, the more I wanted to feel more pleasure cock narrow. Kupercepat longer stem the rate of manhood in a cock. Fani more sighs of pleasure. Then I felt my sperm was collected in stem manhood.

"Fans, I want to get out ya," I sighed restrained.
"Wait. I also want to get out!" Fran replied in a tone full of restrained passion.
Then I speed up My prick. I felt the pubic Fani has issued its dilution.
"I'm out on the inside or outside." I whispered tenderly.
"I want to suck it again!" Fani said.
When I feel going out, I pulled the stem and put the stem manhood manhood into her mouth is tiny. In the mouth Fani, trunk release sperm manhood. Then Fani swallow all my sperm. After that, Fani suck for a while stem manhood. Fran then said to me, "Thanks, Lex. You have given great pleasure." I gave her French Kiss. Fani even to the bathroom to clean the body.

I rested for a moment, then I saw the direction of Christina. He was wearing a tank top again. Slowly, Christina dancing striptease to stir my soul. But manhood rods are still unable to rise from kelemasannya. Christina dancing getting hot. Her clothes were taken off one by one with an erotic style. Her body was smooth, flawless-rabanya palpable. Finally rod manhood began to rise. Christina immediately perform a blow job until the stem manhood back with a perfect tense. Her mouth is tiny manhood suck rod with pleasure. Then I picked up his body and I lay on the bed to position 69. When my face was directly in front of his cock, I felt very fragrant odor. I buried my face in the selakangannya. Kujilati cock and I bit klistorisnya-bite. As long as I do, about Christina was the climax 2 times.

Suddenly Christina stop blow job of his manhood and began to target the stem. She squats on top of the stem manhood to face me (I'm in a sleeping position) and then she opened her thighs wide. Slowly he put his own stem senggamanya manhood into the hole. Stem manhood again having trouble though not as difficult as before. Christina genitals again become the meeting although it is still wet. Eventually the entire trunk manhood to be in his cock. Christina groaned in pain as well as a sigh. I let him get used to the stem manhood.

I slowly shake her ass. But after that Christina do it yourself to suit himself. First of all it is rather slow rate of stem manhood. But Christina is able to find the tempo he wanted. Until not long later, Christina's body felt stretched and stem manhood heat discharge from the vagina pleasures. Stretch long enough this time. Maybe about 1 minute. He continues to continue the game. Meanwhile, Fani back from the bathroom and squatted over me, opening her thighs. Immediately, kusantap clitoris. Long enough I was in a position like that. Almost 45 minutes. Repeated Fani and Christina had an orgasm. Christina is more likely to reach climax than Fran. Christina was the climax 5 times, while the new Fani 3 times.

Then we changed position, me and Christina do while Fani doggy style in front of Christina. I'm moving slowly but manhood rods rod pushed all the manhood. Tempo kupercepat game. Until finally Christina stretch again. Less than 5 minutes later, I was not strong anymore. I pulled the stem manhood from his cock and I was whipped in front of their mouths together. Kusemburkan fluid sperm into their faces, and they ate it eagerly. I really feel tired. Stem manhood ache. But the game was not completed in full. Fani start doing blow job on the rod manhood. I've been banned but are still passionate lust Fani. I myself wonder why they can be strong. Fani blow job this time is really delicious. I also could not restrain the rate of sperm in the mouth Fani. Christina who saw this bandwagon suck rod manhood. Finally I had to give one last chance at Christina. His mouth moves up and down along the stem manhood. Gently smoked stem manhood. I felt my sperm again accumulate. I held his head and sank into the trunk Christina manhood. Finally I ended the marathon game with sperm in the mouth spray Christina. I was very satisfied. Already a few hours we played. This is the oldest and most enjoyable game. I fell asleep in it. When I woke up, I get Fani on my left and my right Christina naked. After that ties us closer to each other, and we often repeat an exciting game with them.

Cerita Panas 5 Wanita Haus Lelaki Hot Cerita | Ceritapornoo

Buat yang baru pertama kali membaca cerita panas saya, tolong sebelumnya anda baca cerita panas saya yang berjudul "Kenikmatan Lia".
Nama saya Firman. Cerita ini merupakan lanjutan dari cerita saya sebelumnya yang berjudul "Kenikmatan Lia" tersebut.

Kali ini saya akan melanjutkan cerita tersebut yang menceritakan 5 wanita haus lelaki. Anda masih inget dengan seorang wanita yang bernama Lia? Hingga saat ini kami masih sering berhubungan bahkan sewaktu ketika saat saya sedang menelpon dia kami janjian untuk bertemu kembali.


"Hallo Lia.."
"Iya Man pa kabar?"
"Baik, kamu ada dimana?"
"Aku lagi di tempat kost temanku nih, main donk kesini teman-teman ku pingin kenalan sama kamu..", katanya
"Ehmm.. di daerah mana?" tanyaku.
"Daerah Radio Dalam, dateng ya sekarang"
"Ok deh nanti kalau aku dah deket aku telpon ya" kataku
"Ok aku tunggu ya, jangan lupa siapin diri, hehehe..", katanya lagi
"Lho, emang aku mau diapain?", tanyaku penasaran
"Mau diperkosa rame-rame siap nggak?"
"Siapa takut..", jawabku sekenanya

Lalu aku pun meluncur ke arah Radio Dalam dan sekitar 15 menit akupun sampai di tempat yang telah dijanjikan.
"Hallo Lia, aku dah di depan nih..", kataku
"Ok aku keluar ya, sabar.."

Lalu munculah seorang gadis yang sangat seksi tingginya sekitar 175 dengan berat sekitar 55 kg, woww.. buah dadanya lebih besar dari pada punya Lia. Lalu dia menghampiri mobilku dan mengetuknya.
"Iya, ada apa?", jawabku dengan mataku yang tak lepas dari buah dadanya yang montok itu.
"Firman ya..", kata dia.
"Iya", kataku.
"Aku Melly temennya Lia yuk masuk yuk..", katanya dengan senyum nakalnya.
"Oh.. yuk", jawabku agak sedikit tergagap.

Wah, bakal ada pesta besar nih pikirku dalam hati. Sesampai dikamarnya aku disambut dengan pelukan dan ciuman oleh Lia dan aku diperkenalkan kepada 3 temennya yang lain yang satu bernama Dita, Ayu dan Kiki. Dan harus kuakui mereka bertiga tidak kalah menggiurkannya dengan si Melly.

Tiba-tiba Lia membuka omongan yang bagiku sifatnya hanya basa-basi dan kemudian diteruskan oleh teman-temannya dan lama-kelamaan omongan kami berlanjut ke arah selangkangan. Dan tiba-tiba dari arah belakang ada yang memelukku saat aku akan menengok, dengan cepatnya Melly mencium bibirku dengan liarnya, maka akupun tak kalah bernafsunya aku balas dengan liarnya pula.

Dan ternyata yang memelukku dari belakang adalah Lia dia terus menciumi leherku dan terus turun ke bawah mencoba membuka bajuku sementara aku masih saja berciuman dengan Melly. Ketika bajuku dilepaskan oleh Lia tiba-tiba ada tangan yang membuka celanaku termasuk celana dalamku maka langsung saja adekku yang telah tegang sedari tadi keluar dari sarangnya. Dan seketika itu juga "Adekku" langsung dilahap dengan liarnya setelah aku lihat ternyata Dita dengan ganasnya sedang mengulum kemaluanku.

Saat aku sedang diserang oleh tiga wanita ini aku sempat mencari kemana Ayu dan Kiki ternyata mereka ada di sofa dekat situ dan keduanya sudah telanjang bulat dan aku lihat Kiki sedang menjilati vagina Ayu dan Ayu pun mendesah-desah dan meliuk-liukan badannya diatas sofa tersebut sementara aku sendiri sedang kewalahan menangani seranga dari tiga wanita ini, maka aku tidak memperhatikannya.

Langsung saja aku buka baju Melly yang terdekat dengan aku dan ketika Melly sedang membuka seluruh bajunya aku tarik Dita keatas dan kami pun berciuman sementara itu Lia menggantikan posisi Dita mengulum kemaluanku. Begitu pula dengan Dita aku buka bajunya dan posisinya digantikan oleh Lia sedangkan posisi Lia digantikan oleh Melly, wow.. ternyata kuluman Melly lebih enak dari pada Lia dan Dita sampai akhirnya aku merebahkan diri di ranjang yang berada disitu.

Lia setelah melepas bajunya langsung saja memgang kemaluanku dan diarahkannya ke liang vaginannya yang ternyata sudah basah sedari tadi setelah pas maka diturunkan pantatnya perlahan-lahan hingga akhirnya..
Bless.., "Aah..", desah Lia.
Sementara Lia sedang asiknya menaik turnkan pantatnya diatasku, maka aku tarik Melly keatasku dan aku menjilati vaginanya.
"Ahh.. enak Man terus Man ohh.." desah Melly.
"Ahh.. ohh.sst" desah Lia yang bersahut-sahutan dengan Melly dan Ayu.
"Ohh.. yess lick my pussy Man ohh yess sst" racau Melly ketika klitorisnya aku hisap-hisap.

Sementara itu aku tarik pula si Dita dan aku masukan jari tengahku ke liang vaginanya sehingga membuat Dita meracau dan meliuk-liukan badannya.
"Ohh yes Man enak Man dalem lagi Man ohh.." racau Dita.
Sementara setelah berada dalam posisi seperti selama kurang lebih 15 menit akhirnya Lia menggenjotnya semakin cepat dan mengerang.
"Ahh.. Man aku keluar Man ah.." desah Lia dan seketika itu pula tubuhnya melemas dan menggelimpang disampingku dan ternyata tanpa aku sadari dibawahku sudah ada si Ayu yang dengan cepatnya langsung melumat kemaluanku maka aku pun menggeliat menahan nikmat hisapan Ayu dan Melly segera turun dari mulutku dan memasukan kemaluanku ke vaginanya dan langsung digoyangkannya naik turun dan kadang memutar, sementara Dita tidak mau kehilangan kesempatan maka dia menyodorkan vaginannya ke mulutku dan akupun menjilati dan mengihisap-hisap vaginanya.

Setelah 5 menit aku jilati vagina nya maka tubuh Dita mengejang dan dia berteriak, "Man ahh.. aku keluar Man.. ah.." sambil menekan vaginanya ke mulutku langsung saja aku menghisap vaginanya kuat-kuat dan aku merasakan mengalir deras cairan dari vaginanya yang langsung aku sedot dan aku telan habis.

Setelah Dita merebahkan diri di sampingku ternyata Kki juga tidakmau ketinggalan dia menaiki aku dan kembali aku disodorkan vagina ke 3 siang ini yang langsung aku lumat habis baru aku memulai menjilati vagina Kiki Melly yang masih bergoyang diatasku akhirnya mengerang kuat.
"Man aku keluar Man ah.. sst ahh.." racaunya.
Terasa sekali cairanya mengalir deras mambahasi kemaluanku dan seketika itu pula ubuhnya melemas dan menggelimpang disampingku dan ternyata Kiki sudah tidak tahan dan langsung menurunkan tubuhnya ke bawah dan memasukan penisku ke vaginanya dan..
"Ahh.. sst ahh.. Man mentok Man.. ah.." desahnya.
Sedangkan Ayu yang sedari tadi hanya melihat sambil masturbasi sendiri aku tarik keatasku dan aku jilat dan hisap vaginannya
"Ohh yess ohh lick it honey oh.." desah Ayu.
Setelah 10 menit Kiki diatasku dan menggoyangkan pinggulnya akhirnya dia pun mengalami klimaks.

Sementara aku sendiri yang sedari tadi belum keluar karena tidak konsentrasi maka setelah Kiki rebah di sampingku maka aku membalikan badan hingga Ayu berada di bawahku dan perlahan-lahan aku masukan penisku ke vaginanya terasa sangat sempit, ketika kepala penisku mulai menyeruak masuk hingga Ayu berteriak.
"Ahh.. pelan-pelan Man sakit"
Maka perlahan-lahan aku masukan lagi setelah setengahnya masuk aku diamkan sebentar agar vagina Ayu terbiasa karena aku melihat Ayu mengerenyitkan dahinya menahan sakit setelah Ayu tenag maka aku sorong pantatku dan akhirnya seluruh penisku berada dalam vagina Ayu
"Ahh Man sakit ah.." desah Ayu.

Dan perlahan-lahan Ayu mulai menggoyangkan pinggulnya maka aku pun menggenjot pantatku keluar masuk. Terasa semppit sekali vagina Ayu dan ketika aku melirik kebawah aku melihat ada teesan darah keluar dari vaginanya yang akhirnya baru aku ketahui bahwa memang Ayu yang termuda diantara semuanya dia baru masuk SMU kelas 1 dan hanya dia yang masih perawan.
"Ahh.. sst.. terus Man enak Man oh.. dalam lagi Man.." racau Ayu.
Maka aku menarik Ayu kepinggiran tempat tidur dengan posisi kakinya berada di bahu aku sementara aku berdiri memang Ayu tidak kelihatan seperti anak baru masuk SMU dengan tingginya sekitar 170 dan buah dadanya berukuran 36 B.

Setelah 10 menit aku menggenjot Ayu akhirnya dia pun mengerang.
"Man aku keluar Man ohh.. Man.."
Namun aku tidak perduli aku terus menggenjot Ayu karena aku sendiri mengejar klimaks ku, setelah itu aku balikan tubuh Ayu sambil terus menggenjotnya hingga akhirnya Ayu berada dalam posisi menungging dan aku terus menggenjotnya dari belakang sambil meremas buah dadanya 36Bnya yang mengayun-ayun.

Ketika aku sedang menggenjot dari arah bawah belakang aku merasakan ada yang menjilati buah pelirku dan ternya Melly sudah bangun lagi sehingga setelah 10 menit aku menggenjot Ayu dari belakang dia pun mengalami orgasme kembali.
"Ahh Man aku keluar lagi Man ah.." dan seketika itu tubuhnya benar-benar melemas melihat kondisinya yang seperti itu maka aku tidak tega dan langsung aku tarik Melly untuk mengangkang dan aku tusukan penisku ke vaginanya dan Melly dengan posisi dibawah mendesah-desah seperti orang yang kepedasan.
"Ahh.. Man terus Man.. esst enak Man terus Man oh.." racaunya.
"Enak Mel, aah.. esst ahh", racauku tidak karuan karena merasakan sedotan-sedotan di vagina Melly yang kata orang-orang 'empot ayam'.
Maka dengan semangatnya aku menggenjot Melly dan setelah 10 menit Melly berkata, "Man aku mau keluar Man.. Man ahh"
"Ntar Melll gue juga mau keluar barengan ya ahh" kataku.
Akhirnya, "Man gue nggak kuat Man ah..", ser.. ser.. ser.., terasa deras sekali semprotan Melly.
"Ahh gue juga Mell ah..", crot.. crot.. crott.., akhirnya akupun orgasme bersamaan.

Akhirnya Kamipun ketiduran dengan posisi aku diatas Melly. Kira-kira aku tertidur 15 menit tiba-tiba aku merasakan penisku dijilat-jilat dan dihisap-hiasap setelah aku membuka mataku ternyata Dita sedang mengulum penisku.
Maka seketika itu juga aku langsung meracau, "Ah.. ohh.. enak Dit terus Dit"
Tapi Dita tidak mau menyia-nyiakan kesempatan yang ada dia langsung naik keatas tubuhku dan memasukkan penisku ke liang vagiannya, memang dari 'peperangan' tadi hanya Dita yang belum merasakan penisku maka ketika yang lain lain sedang tidur Dita memanfaatkan momen tersebut sebaik-baiknya.

Terus dia menggoyangkan pinggulnya.
"Ahh.. esst enak Man ah.."
Aku pun merasakan keenakan dengan goyangan Dita karena goyangannya benar-benar seperti penari ular dia memutar-mutarkan pantatnya diatas penisku. Lama dia melakukan itu hingga akhirnya kami keluar bersamaan.
"Ahh Man enak Man ayo Man keluarin barengan ohh.."
Akhirnya, "Dit aku mau keluar ahh ohh crot.. crot.."
Kami pun lemas dan Dita menciumku bibirku mesra "Makasih ya Man, enak lho bener yang Lia bilang" katanya.
"Emang Lia bilang apa?" tanyaku penasaran.
"Kontolku kamu enak, kamu bisa bikin ceweq ketagihan nanti lagi ya" katanya.
Aku hanya tersenyum dan memeluk dia.

Akhirnya aku pun menginap disitu dan kami ber-enampun melakukannya berulang kali. Kadang aku mengeluarkan spermaku di dalam vagina Melly, Ayu ataupun yang lainnya secara bergantian. Hingga sekarang pun kami masih sering melakukan kadang satu lawan satu, kadang three some, ataupun langsung berenam lagi.

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Cerita Panas Kenikmatan Lia Hot Cerita | Ceritapornoo

Ah akhirnya blog baruku jadi juga, bagi kamu yang baru pertama kali membaca cerita ini jangan heran yah karena blog ini memang berisi tentang cerita panas yang terkumpul dari ceirta panas pengalaman pribadiku dan yang aku dengerin dari curhatan temenku. oke langsung saja cerita kali ini yang aku posting datang dari pengalaman pribadiku. Namaku Firman, usiaku saat ini 23 Tahun dan aktivitas kuliah sambil bekerja. Langsung saja kala itu aku sedang jalan-jalan dengan temanku disuatu kawasan di Jakarta yang tempat itu memang sudah terkenal dikalangan anak muda.
Saat aku sedang mellintas di jalan Sudirman tak sengaja aku bertemu dengan seorang gadis, iseng-iseng saja aku mencoba untuk berkenalan. eh ternyata si gadis langsung meresponnya. Gadis tersebut bernama Lia dan dia berumur 19 tahun dengan tinggi badan sekitar 175 dan ukuran dada yang lumayan sekitar 36B. Tak lupa aku pun meminta nomor untuk saling tukaran nomor HP.
Keesokan harinya sekitar jam 10.00 Lia menghubungi Firman..
"Halo... Firman ya?"
 "Iya, Siapa Nih?" tanyaku pura-pura bego aja
"Uh lupa ya, masa baru kemarin kenlana sudah lupa"
"Emmm... Siapa? Lia... ya"
"Oia... Lagi dimana nih..."
"Lagi di Blok M, kamu ada acara gak hari ini....?" 
"Ehmm, nggak ada tuh, kenapa?", jawab saya
"Bisa jemput aku gak?
"Ya udah, aku jemput dimana?"
 Di Mc Donald Blok M aja ya jam 11.00"
"OK deh..."
Singkat cerita langsung saja aku meluncur ke arah Blok M, sesampainya disana kami ngobrol sejenak lalu kami memutuskan untuk pergi.
"Mau kemana nih" tanya ku
"Terserah kamu aja deh..."
"Main kerumahku sebentar yuk, mau nggak?"
"OK" jawabnya dengan santai
"Ga' takut?", tanyaku
"takut apa?"
"Kalo diperkosa gimana?, kamu kan baru kenal aku" Tanyaku sambil bercanda
Tapi dengan santainya dia menjawab, "Ga' usah diperkosa juga mau kok he..he..he.." sambil melirik kearahku dan mencubit manja pinggangku.
Kemudian aku bertanya, "Bener nih...?"
Dia menjawab, "Siapa takut?"

Lalu segera kita meluncur ke arah rumahku di bilangan Tebet yang memang sehari-harinya selalu kosong. Baegitu sampai saya lali mempersilahkan Lia untuk masuk lalu kami duduk bersebelahan dan saya menggoda dia.
"Bener nih nggak takut diperkosa?"
Dia malah menjawab, "Kamu mau perkosa aku sekarang?" ujarnya sambil membusungkan dadanya yang montok itu.

Aku mencoba untuk lebih mendekatkan badanku ke Lia, nggak tahu siapa yang memulai kami tiba-tiba bibir kami sudah saling bertemu dan saling melumat, dan Lia pun dengan lincahnya memainkan lidahnya di mulutku. Tangan kirinya mencoba untuk menggerayangi tubuhku dan perlahan-lahan melepas bajuku. Aku pun tak mau ketinggalan, tangan kiriku mencoba untuk meraba dan meremas payudaranya yang berukuran 36 dan ku bukalah kaos ketat dan BH yang dipakainya.

Ciumanku semakin menggila dan menjalar menyusuri leher dan bagian kupingnya.
Suara desahan Lia semakin membuatku bergairah "Ahh....esst...terus yag..", Lia sudah mulai merancau tidak jelas saat lidah saya turun ke dadanya diantara kedua bukit yang sudah memerah bagian putingnya.
Lidahku terus menjalar di buah dadanya namun tidak sampai pada pentilnya, karena aku hanya memainkan bagian pentilnya.
Lia semakin mendesah, "Man isep Man ayo Man gue pingin elo isep Man... ahh.. esst.."

Namun aku tidak memperdulikannya dan masih bermain disekitar pentilnya dan turun ke bagian perut sambil perlahan-lahan tanganku membuka celananya dan sampai tersisa celana dalamnya. Akhirnya kepalaku ditarik Lia dan ditempelkannya putingnya ke mulutku.
"Ayo Man isep Man jangan siksa gue Man..."
Aku pun perlahan-lahan mengisap tetek sebelah kirinya sedangkan tangan kanan ku meremas-remas tetek sebelah kanannya.
"Ohh..aah..esst..enak Man terus sedot yang keras man gigit Man ohh...", racaunya
Sambil kusedot teteknya bergantian kiri dan kanan tanganku bergerilya di bagian pangkal pahanya sambil menggosok-gosok klistorisnya dari bagian luar celana dalamnya.

Lia pun tak sabar, akhirnya dia membuka celanaku termasuk celana dalamku mencuatlah 'rudalku' yang sudah berdiri tegak itu dan Lia terpana.
"Gila gede banget Man punya elo.."
Dan tanpa dikomando  Lia langsung memasukkan rudalku ke dalam mulutnya yang mungil, terasa penuh sekali mulut itu, Lia menjilat-jilat ujung kemaluanku terus turun ke bawah sampai seluruh batangnya terjilat olehnya.
"Ah...enak Li terus Li" aku pun menahan nikmat yang luar biasa.
Akhirnya aku berinisiatif dan memutar tubuhku sehingga posisi kami menjadi 69. Aku di bagian bawah sedangkan Lia dibagian atas sambil sedikit menungging. Sesaat aku menjilati bagian bibir vaginanya Lia mendesah "Ah....enak Man essttt...terus Man ahhhh..."
Akhirnya Lia menggelinjang hebat ketika lidahku menyentuh bagian klistorisnya.
"Ahh...Maannn aku sampai Man.." sambil mulutnya terus mengelum penisku, sedotan Lia pun semakin cepat dan kuat pada penisku dan aku pun merasakan denyut-denyut pada penisku seperti ada yang menjepit.
"Lia, gue juga mau sampai Li ahhhh..."
"Barengan ya..."
Mendengar itu Lia makin nafsu menyedot-nyedot dan menjilati penisku dan akhirnya...
"Acchhhh....ach..", crot...crott...crott.., 6 kali penisku menyemprotkan sperma dalam mulutt Lia ddan Lia menelan semuanya sehingga kamipun keluar secara bersamaan.
Akhirnya Lia pun menggelimpung disampingku setelah menjilati seluruh penisku hingga bersih.

"Makasih ya Man, aku udah lama nggak orgasme sejak suami gue kabur...", kata Lia
"Emang suami kamu kemana?"
"Ga tau tiba-tiba dia ngilang setelah gue ngelahirin anak gue"
"Lho kamu sudah punya anak?"
"Udah, baru umur setahun Man"

Kemudian Lia memeluk aku dengan eratnya. kemudian dia mendongakkan kepalanya ke arahku, lalu aku cium bibirnya dengan lembut dia pun membalasnya tapi lama-kelamaan ciuman itu berubah menjadi ciuman penuh nafsu. Lia pun memegang kemaluanku yang masih terbuka dan meremas-remas sehingga secara otomatis 'rudalku' langsung berdiri dan mengeras.
Kemudian Lia menaiki tubuhku lalu menjilati habis seluruh tubuhku mulai dari mulut hingga ujung kaki.
"Ahhh..." desahku sejalan dengan jilatan di tubuhku.
Kemudian Lia mengulum penisku terlihat jelas dari atas bagaimana penisku keluar masuk mulutnya yang mungil itu.
"Ahhh...sstt..enak sayang terus sedot sayang achhh..." desahku semakin mengeras.

Kuputar tubuhku dengan posisi 69 Lia di bagian atas dan aku dibawah, langsung ku cium, ku isep dan kujilati bagian klistorisnya.
"Ahhh... ahhh...ah... Mannnn" desah Lia meninggi, yang membuatku semakin bergairah menikmati tubuhnya

Kemudian Lia memutar tubuhnya kembali dan dia memegang 'rudalku' yang sudah siap tempur itu, perlahan-lahan Lia mulai memasukkan 'rudalku' keliang vaginanya setelah pas perlahan-lahan diturunkannya pantat Lia. Sehingga perlahan-lahan masuklah penisku ke liang senggama Lia.
"Auw...Man...ssstt..oohhh... gede banget sih punya kamu sayang" lirih Lia
"Punya kamu juga masih sempit sayang, enak....ahhhh" kataku
Perlahan-lahan aku tekan terus penisku kedalam vaginanya yang sempit itu sampai akhirnya terus amblas, Lia mulai menggerakkan pinggulnya naik turuk sehingga penisku terasa disedot-sedot seperti ada yang menjepit. "Nikmat sayang....ahhhh.."
Lia berada diatasku sekitar 15 menit sebelum akhirnya dia mengerang.
"Ahhh....Sayang aku mau keluar Yang, ahhh..." racaunya.

Setelah itu tubuh Lia mulai melemas dan memeluk aku, namun karena aku sendiri juga mengejar puncakku maka langsung ku balik tubuhnya tanpa melepas penisku yang masih menempel di dalam vaginanya. Saat posisi tubuhku berada di atasnya maka langsung ku genjot Lia secara terus menerus sampai kurang lebih 20 menit hingga akhirnya Lia mengalami orgasme yang ketiga kali dalam waktu yang singkat.
"Ahhh....Ah...Sayang aku keluar lagi Yang..." desah Lia
"Kamu lama banget sayang..." desah Lia sambil terus menggoyangkan pinggulnya memutar
"Ah.....uh...Ah...terus sayang enak banget nih Ahh..." desahnya
"Iya aku juga enak... terus ya Sayang. Ahhh.....mentok banget nih" desahku tak kalah hebatnya

Akhirnya setelah aku menggenjot Lia selama kurang lebih 40 menit aku merasakan seperti ada yang mendesak ingin keluar dari bagian penisku
"Sayang, aku mau keluar sayang, Mau di dalam atau di luar sayang?" kataku
"Bentar sayang aku juga mau keluar lagi nih. ahh..." desah Lia,
"Di dalam saja Sayang biar aku tambah puas" desah Lia lagi.
"Ahhh...sstt...Sayang aku keluar sayang ahh..." racauku
"Barengan Sayang aku juga sampai ahhhh...ohh ohh..." desah Lia
"Ah...Sayang aku keluar Sayang ahh...ahh..sstt...ohh..ohh.." desahku
 "Ahhhhrrgg" menyemprotkan sperma sebanyak 10 kali
"Eeehmmm" saat itu juga Lia mengalami orgasme
"Makasih ya Sayang" kata Lia sambil mencium bibirku mesra.

Setelah itu kami langsung membersihkan diri di kamar mandi dan di dalam kamar mandi pun kami sempat 'main' lagi ketika kami saling membersihkan punya pasangan kami masing-masing tiba-tiba Lia jongkok dan mengulum punyaku kembali dan dalm posisi berdiri mencoba menahan nikmatnya. namun aku tidak taha menahan gejolak yang ada maka aku duduk di ws dan Lia duduk di atasku dengan posisi menghadapku dan Lia memasukkan kembali penisku kedalam vaginanya
"Bless....Ahhhhh....ssttt...enak sayang ahhh...." racaunya mulai menikmati permainan.

Namun setelah 15 menit aku merasa bosan dengan posisi seperti itu, maka aku suruh memutar tubuhnya membelakangi aku dan aku angkat perlahan tanpa melepas penisku dan aku suruh Lia menungging dengan berpegangan pada tepian bak mandi dan ketika dia menungging langsung aku genjot maju mundur sambil meremas-reas buah dadanya yang mengayun-ayun...
"Ah...Man aku mau keluar Man..."desahnya.
"Mannnn.... ahhhhh....", terasa cairan orgasme putih bening kembali mpembasahi penisku.
Karena kondisi Lia yang lemas maka aku memutuskan untuk melepaskan penisku dan Lia melanjutkannya dengan mengulum penisk hingga akhirnya....
"Sayang aku mau keluar sayang..ah...", sambil kutekan dalam-dalam kepalanya kearah penisku sehingga terlihat penisku amblas semua ke mulutnya yang mungil itu.

Dan ketika Lia menyedot penisku maka...."Ah....ahh...ahh..." akhirnya aku semprotkan spermaku ke mulut Lia dan aku lihat Lia menelan semua spermaku tanpa ada yang tumpah dari mulutnya bahkan dia membersihkan penisku dengan menjilati sisa-sisa seluruh sperma yang ada.

Setelah itu kami saling membersihkan tubuh kami masing-masing dan kami kembali ke kamar dengan tubuh yang sama-sama telanjang bulat dan kami tiduran sambil berpelukan tanpa sehelai benang pun yang menutupi tubuh kami dan kami saling mencium dan meraba-raba serta ngobrol-ngobrol sejenak.

Tanpa terasa kami sudah berada dirumahku hampir selama 4 jam. Maka akhirnya kami mengenakan baju kami masing-masing dan setelah itu aku mengantarkan Lia pulang ke kostnya di daerah Blik M dan berjanji untuk saling menghubingi. Hingga saat pstingan ini di tulis kami masih sering melakukan hubungan intim.

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